About Georgy Riecke

Welcome to georgyriecke.wordpress.com. From 2008 to 2015 Georgy Riecke used this site to ponder, prevaricate and put forward profound ideas relating to the sphere of obscure european literature. During this time he discussed such major literary figures as Pyetr Turgidovsky, Alexis Pathenikolides, Oa Aayorta, Edmund ‘Blumin’ Ek and the late great Johannes Speyer. He also wrote on a range of lesser topics, such as the hallucinatory power of pineapple juice and conversations shared at North London’s infamous cultural haunt ‘The Crippled Bee’. Georgy died in February 2015, after injuries sustained falling from a tree.

This blog is a supplement to the online journal Underneath the Bunker. Georgy was general editor of this journal from 2003-2013 Before then he worked for the short-lived magazine ‘Groping for Allusions’, which he co-founded with Peggy Grounter and Jave de Lasse. He married to the Lithuanian poet Doris Boshchov in the 1990s and mostly lived in London, London (though he also owned a holiday cottage in Vladivostok). He was a strong supporter of ‘Active Reading’

This blog was designed to pick up on issues related to the journal, encompassing all the highways and byways of obscure European culture, with a particular emphasis on neglected literature.

Georgy is no longer alive and thus finds it hard to reply to e-mails. His widow, however, correctly guessed the password to his account and is usually happy to enlighten those who wish to know more: georgyriecke@underneaththebunker.com

Praise for georgyriecke.wordpress.com:

‘Georgy Riecke cracks me up. It’s all this thrilling talk of wild-eyed Russian nihilists and the idiosyncratic practice of the Speyer doctrines. I find it hilarious’ (DOMINO)

‘Riecke is spineless Speyer-lite. I’ve scuffed my shoes on better critics’ (Aldous Egg)

See also: About Underneath the Bunker

9 thoughts on “About Georgy Riecke

  1. Bath-plugs and ear-plugs have never done me any wrong, but I’m a bigger fan of blog-plugs – especially if I’m the blog being plugged is mine (and if the person doing the plugging has wonderful taste).

  2. I think I may have just located it (bottom of the right column).
    At first I thought you were referring to the literary icon Johannes Speyer, whose middle names – Rudolph and Sebastien – created the initials JRSS

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