Shake, shake, shake

‘I have always maintained that a good book needs a good shaking’ (Johannes Speyer)

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Literary Taste and Sexual Honesty

‘As they get older, male novelists tend to mistake all honesty for sexual honesty, masking their natural leaning towards lurid subjects with the desire to break boundaries of literary taste’ (Jave de Lasse)

Gentle Reader

Sorry: I started without you. And I sure as hell can’t be bothered to recap. You’re going to have to pick things up as we go along. That’ll teach you for being a gentle reader. (Stephan Leberret, Rue de la Wreck)

Similarities to the first line of Cosmo Frome’s recent novel On Onerous Oneness are, of course, hard to ignore.

More on this, perhaps, later…

Perfectly Idiotic

‘”Insufferable, insensitive, inconceivably successful”. This is all Javé de Lasse had to say about the young German novelist, Alan B Wightche – other than to ponder whether or not the B stood for Beelzebub. He was, of course, way off the mark. The B stands for Benedict. As for the rest, well, he was pretty much on the ball. Although one does wonder why de Lasse came to the conclusion that Wightche’s success was unfathomable. Has not the work of certified idiots always done relatively well in the modern marketplace?’

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