About Underneath the Bunker

Underneath the Bunker was, from 2003-2013, widely regarded as Europe’s Premier Cultural Journal. From 2005 to 2013 it published over a hundred articles online, including all but one of the 52 novels on Georgy Riecke’s list of the ‘Greatest Novels by Contemporary European Writers’. It attracted many distinguished contributors, from the eminent art historian D H Laven (author of the as-yet-unfinished ‘Story of Forgotten Art’) to the writer Jean-Pierre Sertin (co-creator of ‘literary intercutting’).

Here is what other people have said about the site:

“There is more, as you will soon discover, to this site than immediately meets the eye. My only criticism is that it is time-consuming to read. But somebody, or somebodies, must have devoted a staggering amount of time to creating it…. I am particularly fond of Bo Bjo’s ‘Quite Smelly One Morning’. Also, there are many pearls of wisdom: ‘Beauty is so dazzling; it shimmers like a thousand shards of glass on a Sunday morning shopping street.’ “ (Grumpy Old Bookman, 2006)

“Underneath the Bunker has been redecorated, so to speak, making it easier to read. This is, you will doubtless recall, the home of Europe’s premier cultural journal. I don’t think I’m going to comment on the contents, because any kind of irony always gets me into trouble. But I will give you a hint: not all is as it seems…” (Grumpy Old Bookman, 2007)

“Like Lem’s ‘A Perfect Vacuum’, this web journal focuses on experimental literature, mostly of the Eastern European variety. Highly recommended.” (Waggish, 2006)

“This thing is a pretty good postmodern spoof. I’m impressed, guys. My only question (not including the one at the bottom of the post): what do you do with something like this? …Do you keep this kind of thing going or do you let it die a sad postmodern-joke death?” (Jonathan McGee, 2006)

‘”I don’t get it” (various people)

Wikibin entry (formely at Wikipedia)

One thought on “About Underneath the Bunker

  1. Just looked at your Wikibin link. Love it! But am of course deeply aesthetically, intellectually and even morally appalled, not to mention the potential harm this may do to my digestive activities.

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