He Relents, He Retreats, He Retraces

Sir, – I am amazed and amused. Your precious general editor Georgy Riecke is well known for taking pains to present a skewed double-image of himself – the brave cultural adventurer on the one hand, the craven ditherer on the other – but I simply cannot accept this latest admission of his. One has to begin to question his motives in this direction. What is he trying to achieve? I suppose he fears the ‘broad outlines’ of a popular personality. He cares not for cartoons. He pants for a ‘well-rounded’ character; a complex, multi-faceted persona. He craves to be considered ‘human’ above all; to show off all his frailties like military medals: ‘Look at me!’ the poor wretch cries: ‘I say one thing and do another! How wonderfully and simply intricate I am!’ Every now and again he relents, he retreats, he retraces his steps and wonders whether he isn’t superhuman after all; whether he isn’t the editor par excellence, who reads every book eighty five times upside-down. But then he stops. Convinced of his greatness, he can’t help throwing his weaknesses in our face…

Yes, Underneath the Bunker has finally decided to publish all the angry, friendly and (for the large part) strange correspondence we received between the years 2004-2008. You can read it here.