The Home of Obscure European Literature (April Update)

Since 2008 I have been using this site to ponder, prevaricate and put forward profound ideas relating to the sphere of obscure european literature. During this time I have discussed such major literary figures as Pyetr Turgidovsky, Alexis Pathenikolides, Oa Aayorta, Edmund ‘Blumin’ Ek and the late great Johannes Speyer. I have also written on a range of lesser topics, such as the hallucinatory power of pineapple juice and conversations shared at North London’s infamous cultural haunt The Crippled Bee. All in all, it has been a fascinating few years.

Alas, as regular readers will have noticed, I have been posting less and less often in recent times. As I have hitherto explained, this is not down to any lack of deep thoughts bubbling up within my oversized brain. It is merely a matter of other distractions; other projects; other priorities. When the lush fruits of these alternative enterprises begin to drop from the trees, rest assured you will be informed – either on this blog, or on my sister-site: Underneath the Bunker. In the meantime, I encourage you to revisit what has already been written. It is, after all, only in the re-reading that we begin to understand the true meaning of a man’s thoughts. Go forth, therefore, and re-read!

May the treacle of culture drip upon all your eager faces.

Georgy Riecke [April 2012]