Thirst Ye Not

…for answers, that is.

My half-hearted seasonal quiz may have struggled to gather followers, but I will nevertheless be diligent when it comes to completing the task I set myself. Answers to all nine questions will be provided shortly (i.e. from Wednesday onwards) with accompanying notes.

This provides you, dear reader, with one last chance to take part in the quizing (which starts here). Go forth, my friends, and quizify!

No Reply

It has come to my fresh January-fuelled attention that my half-hearted seasonal quiz (which starts here) has attracted less answers than I might have hoped. Plenty of readers, it seems, have been lured in by the questions, but few have taken the time to provide a reply.

What can I say to make you change your minds? Although the questions are not, to my mind, that complicated, I do appreciate that my region of enquiry can be little on the irregular side. Nonetheless, I implore anyone with a modicum of a mind to at least consider a reply. Prizes there may be for correctness*, but there are to be no punishments metered out for those in the wrong. Fear not, therefore, a mistaken answer. I will not laugh, giggle or titter in the face of any incorrectness. I will, instead, applaud your bravery. Who knows what you know?

* There are, in fact, no prizes for correctness.

HSQ (8/9)

This half-hearted seasonal quiz is your friend. Don’t be afraid to leave your answers in the comments, whatever your level of ignorance.

8. ‘Catholicism and science fiction are not strange bedfellows, not in my book. As a child, I was barely able to tell them apart. I remember being shown a fifteenth century illustration of Gideon and the Fleece and thinking it was a still from the new Doctor Who. Having an angel appear to you and being abducted by an alien must be relatively similar experiences’

Who said this?

HSQ (7/9)

7. Who, in your humble opinion, is most likely to save Romanian Literature? Valery Pereanu, Serghei Retchikov, Alina Dominicia, Nadia Pikalova, Yãna Novak, Pieter Palek or none of the above?

HSQ (5/9)

Keep those answers coming (or not, as the case may be).

5. I, Georgy Riecke, have been described, variously, as ‘a skulking toad’, ‘a damp rag’, ‘a vaporous nonentity’, ‘a dear little innocent dough-ball’, ‘a lily-livered coward’, ‘a wrinkled old fool’, ‘a waste of space in an endless universe’ and ‘overall a tasteless, shapeless sort of character’. Why?

HSQ (4/9)

The unsteady train of seasonal fun rumbles on. Answers in the comments, as always.

4. Complete this quotation: ‘When I think about it, it seems to me that the only enduring quality of [the novelist] F L C Gorngy is the fact that he is…’

HSQ (3/9)

The quiz goes on. Long live the quiz. Answers in the comments.

3. Which Swiss novel, published earlier this year, featured a chain-smoking walrus called Alfred the Great, a coleslaw-loving kangaroo called Denton Major, and a talking sandwich with no name?