Readable in Parts

The ‘big talk’ of 2013 (aside from ‘everything else’) was undoubtedly my memoir Conservations with Speyer. Here are some carefully selected quotations from some of the more recent reviews:

‘It takes a while to get going, and once it does, you wish it would stop’.

‘Speyer, an interesting and flawed man, is well served by this interesting and flawed memoir’.

‘Mr. Riecke has an eye for details – usually the wrong ones. When he should be pulling apart the contradictions in Speyer’s philosophy, he is musing about cats in the professor’s garden.’

‘If you’re one of the five people in the world still interested in Johannes Speyer, this book might be for you’.

‘Mr. Riecke has taken the kindly step of publishing his memoir online in installments. Is this because it isn’t good enough to be published on paper, all at once? Most probably – but the act remains a generous one; for the rainforest, if not for his readers’

‘Riddled with typos, and badly in need of a good editor, Conversations with Speyer is nevertheless readable in parts’.

Being a modest fellow I have, of course, held the more positive comments back. Rest assured, they would make a spider blush.


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