Fired Up

“Johannes is a deep and thoughtful man; eccentric, yes, but hardly wild. That year, however, the irresponsible teenager in him emerged. And yet it was irresponsibility fueled by what seemed, to me at least, to be genuine passion. He was gloriously excitable, almost deliriously so. He was boiling over with ideas, each more impractical than the last. Like I said, I tried to discourage him, but it was never easy. For the first time, we properly argued. I refused to help him set one up of his experiments. It was great to see him so fired up, if you’ll excuse the phrase, but it was also a concern. I was something of a coward, you see. Too cowardly to be involved for a start; more importantly, though, I was too cowardly to stop him once he’d started..”

Chapter Seven comes to a fiery conclusion.


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