Return of the Alarming Magpie

Chapter Four, Part Two of my ground-smashing, soul-warming and mind-meddling memoir, Conversations of Speyer, has just been posted over at Underneath the Bunker. This chapter is notable for many reasons, not least my re-telling of the infamous ‘magpie incident’, previously discussed here.

..To be reminded of one’s folly, by a bird! Such things must not be allowed to happen.

‘So you killed it?’

‘Not deliberately. My intention was to injure. But when you throw a large lexicon at a relatively small bird, well, the odds are probably against the little creature. This I discovered too late.’

‘What sort of injuries were sustained by the lexicon?’

‘Nothing of note. Bloodied feathers on the spine. Crushed beak and claw. Not enough to stop using it. And I daresay the adventure improved the book.’

‘As you’ve often said, you like a book that is up for a fight.’

‘Indeed,’ said Speyer, ‘indeed’.


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