Reaction to my ongoing memoir, Conversations with Speyer, has been slow, steady and, I’m pleased to say, largely positive.  Less than half of the reviews have sent me into a rage, and one or two of them may even be categorised as pleasant. Here are a few choice excerpts:

‘As good as anything by Casanova, Riecke’s memoirs really are a thrilling ride’ (Transactions of the Royal Society for the Study of Molluscs)

‘Riecke’s memoirs of Johannes Speyer show both men at their best. At least one of them even comes across, at certain junctures, as vaguely likeable’ (Tamworth Courier)

‘Georgy Riecke is publishing his memoir of Johannes Speyer in short segments. So far I have only read one of them – and it is by no means the worst thing I have read this week. If I don’t die young, I may find the time to read another segment’ (Carlos Ramos, author of Fresh Nights and Vulgar Mornings)

‘I reserve the right to fully comment on this memoir until every chapter has appeared. Having read the first two sentences, however, I would like to venture the opinion that this may be the greatest memoir ever written. Whether or not I shall venture this opinion remains to be seen’ (Franz Ludo)

‘Conversations with Speyer makes little sense to anyone who hasn’t heard of either Georgy Riecke or Johannes Speyer: i.e. pretty much everyone. Other than this it has a lot going for it…’ (

More on this later…


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