The Gecko Awakes

I keep returning, like a restless dog, to the oft-sucked bone of strange search terms. I claim a literary interest (the procrastinater’s habitual excuse), but it is probably a mere thirst for the absurd, or the simply silly, that draws me back to this peculiar well. And why not assuage this chaotic thirst of mine? Especially when there are so many bizarre search terms shuffling around the ruffled fringes of this blog.

To explain. Someone has found their way to this site by typing the words ‘gecko waking up’ into a search engine. Why they have done this I cannot say. How they found themselves here, well, I can only guess. I suppose it must have been this rather ancient post on the subject of Art Gecko. This, as far as I can recall, is the only occasion on which I have evoked the name of the famous sticky-toed lizard. I don’t remember, all the same, ever dealing with the issue of a gecko emerging from a somnolent state. And why would I?

Perhaps I am missing something. Perhaps the sight of a newly waking gecko would overturn the old bucket of my tiresome life. Perhaps it would tear a hole in the dirty blanket of my existence. Perhaps it would offer a bloody kick to the rough shins of my most cherished traditions.

Or perhaps it would amuse me, briefly – to be forgotten, gladly.


2 thoughts on “The Gecko Awakes

  1. Afraid I haven’t read any of the articles here, as yet, including as also yet this one, but to save me the squandering of a little of my allotted temporal portion, could you please direct me to the Gecko Waking Up section. Was recommended this site by others, with whom you are of course well familiar, in the gecko ‘fancying’ fraternity.

    “What we may lack in numbers, we compensate for in the degree and kind of our enthusiasm.”

  2. I am currently too busy to read whatever it is you have written, as I am presently delivering the opening address at an international conference on the future of Interior Geckoration, held on an oil rig somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Several important geckos are in attendance.

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