Forgotten Art

Things may have been rather quiet at this blog recently, but articles continue to be re-published at Underneath the Bunker, my ‘sister site’. Particular attention should be paid to the works of Australia’s third-favourite art historian, D H Laven, whose forthcoming study The Story of Forgotten Art promises to revive a discipline dominated by repetitive and inferior scholarship. Underneath the Bunker has published several of Laven’s articles over the years, not least his pioneering research on three famously neglected painters: the French misanthrope Eugene Matendre, the luckless Spanish chump Luis Recagis, and the fanatical cow-loving Englishman Sir Anthony Tosh. From his chapter on the latter, I present you with the following quotation:

In my opinion, the relationship between Mrs Greenhalgh and Sir Anthony Tosh was more than just sexual. They were conspiring not only against Mr Greenhalgh (Sir Anthony was, of course, unmarried) but also against the religious faith of the Horsely Down community. Mrs Greenhalgh recorded the instances of Sir Anthony’s church readings in order to reveal to subsequent generations the part that he was playing in the propagation of a religious cult. In her faith she no doubt believed that these future generations would have long seen the light and would now have cause to praise Sir Anthony for his dedication. Instead of this, we find ourselves in a world in which the religious cult of which he was a part has – as far as I know – long sunk without trace.

If you are not compelled to read more, I have lost faith in you as a worthy reader. Go hence and bury your face in a novelette.

For more on Laven himself, your patience will be rewarded in due course.


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