Seasonal Wish List

Dear non-specified seasonal gift bestower,

I would be most grateful if the following books could be made available to me sometime over the next few weeks, preferably accompanied by a few bottles of whisky and a copious supply of delicately spiced pastries.

A New History of Short-Lived Magazines and Journals by Fran Hoffgeiger [the long-awaited new edition of Hoffgeiger’s seminal 1987 work, A History of Short-Lived Magazines and Journals, the first comprehensive guide to literary projects that lasted less than a year. Includes a fascinating chapter on the Swedish magazines Undergräva and Maskarade Åskådare, edited by the chaotic poet Rasmus Ranasson].

Article and Correspondence by Lucia Raus [see below]

Butterfly Winter by Lars Tillförlitlig [Well, how can one resist a novel whose first line runs as follows: ‘My father celebrated his eightieth birthday by biting off the finger off his dead wife‘?]

What’s the story, mourning jewellery? by Keira Lashnik [a bit of an obscure interest here, but I can’t get enough of creepy Victorian hair jewellery at the moment].

Lastly, anything by Piers Jorgenstäd, Clemency Whittaker and Sergei Robadov.


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