Article and Correspondence

Lucia Raus’s new novel, Article and Correspondence, comes out later this month, and it promises to be an invigorating read. Raus’s fictions, as you will probably recall, tend to take peculiar forms. Her most famous work, When I Stepped Out, It Was Then I Saw The Sky (reviewed here) purported to be the visitor’s book stolen from a holiday house in Albania, whilst the less popular Papa He Is Still Sick presented itself as a collection of letters written by a bored teenager in the late nineteenth century. Both works were, of course, fabrications – but Raus is a pig-headed soul, and stubbornly refuses to spoil her own party, remaining refreshingly silent on the question of authenticity. She clearly likes the idea that some readers will continue to be ‘taken in’ by her texts. And well they might, for there is (on a first reading at least) little to suggest the hand of a single master storyteller.

As far as I can tell, Article and Correspondence will continue the trend set by earlier works. According to the press release, the novel takes the form – as hinted by its title – of a newspaper article, followed by correspondence relating to that article. Much like Papa He Is Still Sick, the narrative (such as it is) builds up through a series of multi-authored letters. Because these letters are public, rather than private missives, a shift in tone will nonetheless be expected, which should yield interesting results.

I will of course say more as soon as I know more.


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