Some More Superfluous Words

There are too many books in the world, too many websites in the world, too many words in the world being used in too many pointless situations. No wonder so many words remain unread.

Sadly, the balance is not as it should be. Greater writers are ignored, whilst lesser talents take the limelight. This is as it has always been. Some of us are, however, continue to fight for change by aiming the beams of our torches towards the more shadowy corners of the literary world. I am one. ‘Writers No One Reads’ is another.

A word of warning. Not all of the writers they feature are completly unread. For instance, I’d hazard a guess that more people read Stefan Themerson than Egor Falastrom. For all this, the general message is both clear and correct. There is an untapped spring of esoteric european literature out there, where the water runs sweeter than it does in the great rivers of mediocrity that we call ‘popular culture’. Go forth, reader, and drink!


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