Whatever happened to Lucia Noisenbach?

When Underneath the Bunker was founded, several years ago now, I allotted various roles to various writers. I was ‘general editor’, Heidi Kohlenberg was ‘literary editor’, Matthew Taylor-Rosnik was ‘Music editor’ and Lucia Noisenbach was ‘Arts editor’. There may have been others: I forget. No matter. It is something of a miracle that I have remembered these four, since the majority of the above contributors wore their roles rather lightly.

Kohlenberg, despite her recent absence, is the notable exception: she contributed more than her fair share of reviews, including such classics as Eusen Eof’s ‘:?;) and Vladminir Dorwindovitch’s The Empty Tree.

Matthew Taylor-Rosnik, for his part, contributed a handful of articles, including a couple of serviceable interviews, including his memorable encounter with the Scottish composer Thornton Farland.

Which leaves us with Noisenbach: by far the saddest case. She started well, offering two articles as part of a series titled ‘Photography in Focus’. This was followed by a review of the ever-controversial ‘Copper Frog Cup’. All of these were published online in 2006. Since then, though, nothing. There have been promises – plenty of promises – but no words. The last I heard she was working on a review of the Danish photographer Lars Elmveik. Other rumours suggest that she has been busy creating babies (an unlikely set of events, I think, since Noisenbach is well into her forties). In either case, Noisenbach is making precious little noise – which is a pity, for her early contributions were greatly valued.


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