The Baltic Newt

What is Gdansk Haunting? It is a city built of letters. It is vast and vibrant: a bottomless ocean of stories. I struggle to pick a representative incident: there are too many. Push my head under the water, however, and this is what flows into the echo chamber of my mind. Mr and Mrs Glinka exchanging bread-based metaphors for life at No. 27 Szeroka Street. Magdelena’s opening night at the Teatr Minsky – also her last night, thirty eight years later. Two hours in the life of the canal cleaner’s son’s short-sighted girlfriend. The alarmingly fascinating chapters on the judicial system. Book Five, every brilliant word of it. The first and thirteenth chapter of the most recent volume – including the poignant denouement of the Szymon Gizdan storyline. Pretty much everything concerning the shipyard protests. The rambling religious musings of Braciszek Polowski. The deliriously abrupt description of Ursula Barva’s schooldays. The early history of BOP Baltia Gdańsk seen through the eyes of four elderly women. The second half of the chapter entitled ‘The Baltic Newt’.

More here.


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