Re-emergence of the Intercuttings

Every last ‘intercutting’ has now been re-published over at Underneath the Bunker. Navigate your way through this exciting literary medium by visiting our new ‘Intercutting Homepage’.

Allow me, in the meantime, to anticipate some ‘intercutting’ related questions:

1. What is an ‘intercutting’?
Answer: Please see here or here.

2. Fair enough. But what’s the point?
Answer: I think the answer to this one is obvious. You may as well ask what the point of art is (please don’t).

3. Are all the ‘intercuttings’ written by the same person?
Answer: All ‘intercuttings’ are written by Pierre Monceau and Jean-Pierre Sertin.

4. Do they write the whole thing together, or write each narrative separately and join them together later?
Answer: No one knows how their collaboration works, though it has been suggested that Sertin does the majority of the writing.

5. What else do we know about this Sertin character?
Answer: See here and here. Or here.

6. Why do some ‘intercuttings’ end with a full stop and others don’t?
Answer: Lazy writing/editing.

7. Are Monceau and Sertin still writing ‘intercuttings’?
Answer: As far as I can tell, no. Sertin, certainly, has moved onto other things.

8. Can I write my own ‘intercuttings’ at home?
Answer: Please do, dear reader, please do.


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