Flaps and Folds

Allow me to correct a misconception that has been flying like a reckless winter swallow around my corner of the literary world the last few days or so. In a previous post – and over the course of several recent conversations – I have been calling, with little cautiousness, for the creation of ‘the adult pop-up novel’. Too long, I have been crying, have flaps and folds been a feature of children’s books alone. Why can’t adult readers have fun as well?

All very well; but I fancy a handful of readers may have grasped the pole by its erroneous end. When I say ‘the adult pop-up novel’ I am referring to a pop-up book that can be read by any adult and that deals with adult themes. This may include themes of a sexual nature: it does not have to. Should the book in question deal entirely with themes of a sexual nature, I think it may have moved in a market on which I am not, at this point in time, inclined to dwell. To put it yet another way: thank you, Mrs Rawney, for the example of the ‘adult pop-up novel’ you sent through the post – but it wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

More on this, maybe, one day…


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