Over a Parapet

One’s mind wanders, like a curious kitten, into the realm of those medieval knights, armour-clad, poking helmeted heads over the parapet of their European castles. They had no fear of hammer-grasping giants (a pitifully rare sight, even in those times) but for lesser, though far from ineffective weapons. Arrows were one: arrows of outrageous audacity, cutting through the air like a machete through a watermelon. Those poor soldiers. The lesson is easily learnt. One doesn’t stick one’s head over a parapet unless one is entirely confident that all the bowmen in the district are as adept with their weapons as I was with mine.

(yours truly, in a review of Jean-Paul Xengho’s Yellow, Red)

Zengho’s novel raises the question of surprising punctuation in book-titles. Other examples include: Fernando Aloisi’s On, Xavier!, Lucia Raus’s When I Stepped Out, It Was Then I Saw The Sky, and, of course,  Eusen Eöf’s : ? ; ). A review of the latter will be appearing soon…


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