An Acceptable Sound

‘It was almost an obsession with him that a man who could play the violin would never starve. He himself had struggled for years to make an acceptable sound, in hopes of being able to support his family by playing in the gutter if no one wanted to buy his paintings…’ (John Russell on Henri Matisse)

To imagine that you can make a living from one creative talent (painting) is unfortunate; to imagine that you can have as your back-up another (playing the violin) is simply ludicrous. If one is to venture into the deep, dark forest of the creative arts, one needs a sensible life-line; something like banking, law, or chicken-farming. To be so sensible, however, suggests that you aren’t cut out to be an artist in the first place…

Speaking of artists and jobs, a review of Ivan Zech has appeared at Underneath the Bunker. Peruse it at your pleasure.


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