Bloomers Ek

Jonathan Franzen’s eventful UK visit for his rapturously received new novel, ‘Freedom’, took a fresh twist last night, at his launch party at the Serpentine Gallery in London’s Hyde Park. An assailant snatched the novelist’s glasses from his face and ran off – leaving behind a ransom note asking for $100,000 for their safe return… (The Guardian)

Ah, yes: here we go again. The history of literature is simply littered with spectacle theft. I can hardly think of a writer who hasn’t, at one point or another, had his/her glasses whipped off. Ik Nunn, Koira Jupczek, Paavo Laami, Viktor Kesserman: the list could go on. Sometimes the glasses are the least of it. In 1996 Edmund Ek had his trousers stolen at a launch party. They were later bought for eight thousand krone by a female admirer.

These days, of course, Ek has ditched trousers altogether; opting instead for ‘rough brown robes’. Whatever keeps you writing, Edmund…


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