Mr Ropes

A couple of reviews by Mr Lucien Ropes have been re-published over at Underneath the Bunker. Here’s a glimpse of what you’re in for, should you decide take the plunge:

For a slender man, he owned a hearty laugh. And it was with such raucous chortling that my plans for my noble novel were received. Quoth the willowy villain: ‘Ropes: thou art a degenerate scab on the plump white leg of society. You cannot write this!’ Concurring with the first half of this statement, I queried the conclusion. What could possibly stand in the way of my intention to relate the fictional history of the good, simple people; the well-meaning, sober souls of our sweet earth? ‘Simple!’ cackled the emaciated agent: ‘This isn’t your subject. You’re the ambassador of debauchery; perversion’s trusted envoy. You don’t have a license to write about goodness. How can you write about what you have never known? There are plenty of charming fools lining up to write this sort of nonsense. Stick to what you know, Ropes!’

And here are the articles; reviews of Fernando Aloisi and Obo Urlach.


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