Extreme Reading (Intermission)

The gospel of Georgy Riecke is not, to my small knowledge, widely read. Several of my passions are, nevertheless, clearly shared by others in this strange bedraggled community we call ‘the world’.

Active Reading, a project passed onto me by my late-teacher Johannes Speyer, is one such passion. I’ve written about it many many times (such as here, or better still here). Little did I know, however, that other people have been writing about it also, albeit under a different guise. Where I call it ‘active’, they call it ‘extreme’. See, for example, this essay here.

Closer to home, I note that children across the United Kingdom were asked to participate in some ‘extreme reading’ as part of this year’s ‘World Book Day’. This, I fancy, was one (previously reported) result, though there are many others, (including this and this). All very commendable, in my mind, though one hates to see something as serious as ‘active’ reading treated as a mere fancy: something one does one day of the year, and only when a photographer is close at hand. And why aren’t more people crediting Johannes Speyer as the Father of Extreme Reading? Credit, I think, where credit is due…