The Sands They Shift

Cherubims, Seraphims and other occasional readers:

Roughly (if not exactly) two years ago, I founded this blog as an accompaniment to my main site Underneath the Bunker; something to placate my restless readers (all four of them) whilst the latter project underwent a few repairs.

Those repairs are still ongoing – as is this blog. Neither is about to end, but the way things are set-up is (as noted last week) due to shift. The main website, as it is, will close in August, to be replaced by a blog. This should be accessible from the same web address (or, in the meantime, here). All the articles from the main site will be re-located to the blog; not all at once, but gradually. This will allow me to edit the articles again – and to provide links to further reading. Design and accessibility – twin sisters of the successful website – will both, one hopes, be greatly improved.

This blog will, of course, continue to function.  Though posts may not be quite as frequent as they have been the last two years, they should be more informative. A certain esoteric aimlessness has, think many, typified my career as a critic. And yet, beneath the waves of wishy-washy suppositions runs a fierce current of thought. Believe or not, I have ideals. I have aims. I move in the direction of something.

More might be said on this. Allow me, in the meantime, to put things as simply as I can in the circumstances. Changes are occurring. These may not seem, on the surface, to be highly significant changes. In the context of my ‘project’, nevertheless, they represent an important moment. After a period of transition, things are beginning to settle down. New information may be not be pouring through the ceilings, but old information is finding a new, eminently comfortable home. Fresh leaves sprout on ancient trees. In short, the two websites which I oversee are, at last, on the road to becoming what I have always wanted them to become: a unique and rich resource for fans of obscure European culture; a comprehensive index to Europe’s least popular writers; an interactive catalogue of forgotten art and artists.

Then, as now, I welcome reader’s comments and/or contributions.

May the treacle of culture continue to drip upon all your lovely faces.

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