Small Changes

‘So,’ says my wife, ‘you’re finally giving up the wordpress site?’
‘No,’ I explain, for the sixth time. ‘I’m keeping it.’
‘But you are giving up Underneath the Bunker?
‘Again: no. I’m keeping both sites.’
‘I don’t understand.’
‘Small changes, that’s all it is. I’m making some small changes.’
‘Such as?’
‘Such as turning Underneath the Bunker into a blog.’
‘Why would you do that?’
‘Well, the current site isn’t especially well-ordered. It also costs me.’
‘A blog would be cheaper? This is a question of finance?’
‘It would be if I were compromising my artistic ideals for the sake of money. As it is, I’m not. Underneath the Bunker will be bigger and better.’
‘So you’re commissioning some new articles?’
‘Eventually, yes. Meanwhile I’ll be re-publishing the old ones.’
‘A second editing. Grooming what we’ve got. Linking things together. Forcing readers to re-read’
‘Oh yes: that old trick.’
I ignore this.
‘And what happens,’ she asks: ‘to the georgyriecke wordpress site?’
‘Nothing,’ I answer. ‘Essentially nothing.’
‘Essentially nothing?’
‘Well. It does what it was always meant to do: support Underneath the Bunker. When something needs to be expanded, that’s where I do it. That’s where the discussion happens.’
‘Discussion? As in, you and yourself, or you and your readers?’
‘Both, ideally. Readers are always welcome, of course, but if they can’t make it, I’m always happy to whisper into the void.’
‘I thought as much,’ she says, grinning.
‘Any other questions?’


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