Notice to the Public

Within time I will construct a tight, light and penetrating post explaining just what is happening in the world of Georgy Riecke – and which exact changes are due to be made. In the meantime, one brief announcement:

In about a month’s time, the time it takes to chew through a cherry stone, Underneath the Bunker will be undergoing further alterations. One result of this will be that the hundred or so articles currently stored there will not be immediately available to readers. They will instead be undergoing a rigid editing process, after which they will be appearing on a slightly modified site (to be found, it is hoped, at the same web address).

What does this mean to you, the reader? Most importantly, it means that if you wish to ensure that such winning pieces of writing as this and this (and more besides) are not lost to your eyes (if not forever, than at least for a while) now is very much the time to re-acquaint yourselves with them.

Fly, my pretty readers, fly!

[more on this, of course, later…]

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