Curtains (Calbirro Week no.5)

So, Tosca Cabirro wrote three novels on toilet paper. But what of his other work? A while ago this blog carried the rumour that he was publishing a story on a shower curtain. This was the last I heard of the great Italian writer, until the same stiff winds of gossip blew the details of that dress my way. So what happened to the shower curtain project?

I can tell you now that it did exist. The novel was called The River of Love Flows Fast and it was published in a limited edition of two hundred and fifty, late last year. Unless you had contacts within the Italian home improvement industry, you probably missed out on a copy. Sorry.

Talking of missing out, it turns out that there were at least another two works published inbetween Under An Unquiet Sun and Everything, Everywhere, Ending (i.e. The dress project). Both of these, it seems, were printed on curtains: the first on a deep red silk curtain (another limited edition, designed for the bedroom) and the second on a fire curtain at a small Italian theatre (it proved, I hear, better entertainment than the play).

Calbirro is, thus, even prolific than I thought he was. But what can we make of a man whose writings are so regularly hard to obtain?


2 thoughts on “Curtains (Calbirro Week no.5)

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