Nothing Has Ever Been Done Before

Following up on ‘Superficial Similarities’ (posted earlier this week) allow me, if you will, to revisit an idea about which I have written, no doubt, a million times before.

In doing so, indeed, I get to the very heart of the idea in question: which is that revisiting ideas is, in itself, a Very Good Idea. Your own ideas, someone else’s ideas, anonymous ideas – nevermind the sources from which they first sprung. I implore you: do not tread so lightly. Take the idea and go. There is no such thing as imitation: only creation. Nothing has ever been done before.

An idea is not born to be admired in itself, precious and safe as a stuffed bird in a glass case, but something to be used, modified, picked up and put down again, thrown across lawns, rolled over tabletops, tossed from one hand to another, sailed across a lake, seized upon, translated, transposed, interrogated, gently perverted, sliced and smoked, poached and pickled, boiled for seven minutes, patted, prodded, painted, re-painted, un-covered, recovered, coddled, cuddled, ever-so-slightly corrupted, silently sewn to another idea altogether, patched up, put to bed, woken up and taken for a walk, abandoned, found, scuffed and loved, shuffled and redealt, wrapped and unwrapped, opened and closed, watched closely for signs of life, put in a drawer, put in a cupboard, put-upon, put out, tried, tested, tempted and taunted.

Pick up an idea, any idea, and run with it. Run with it.


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