Man of Titles

A lot has been made, on this very blog, of writer Boris Yashmilye’s approach to titling works (see here, for example). Simply put: Yashmilye is a fairly prolific novelist, but an even more prolific titler. One of his novels, The Musala Affair, had at one point forty-one alternative titles. Others suffered less; though his new book currently has two possible names (if not, according to circulating rumours, several more).

Amongst the many questions this raises is: ‘what does he do with the spares?’ As previously hinted, the answer is that these are very much ‘up for grabs’. If you wish to pick up a title discarded by Yashmilye, you are well within your rights. Should he choose, therefore, not to call his next novel, The Fallopian Embassy of Architecture, you are most welcome to step up to the plate and make it your own. In fact, I entreat (even implore) you to do just this. For my sake…


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