Bits and Pieces

– Boris Yashmilye says his next novel will be called either The Fallopian Embassy of Architecture or Equilibrium of the Masses. His publishers say the title is ‘yet to be confirmed’.

– Charles (‘Roc’) Quarrét, author of Hewn, has made yet another attempt to ‘distill the world into words’. It’s called Cathedral of Bones and will be published in July. Quarrét intends publicise the novel by climbing the large glass pyramid at the Louvre dressed only in a tiger skin.

– Pyetr Turgidovsky is locked in a dispute with his local village over a piece of land he claims the ‘devil gave to him in exchange for the souls of four hundred crows’. I think you’ll agree that this can only end in tears, blood, sweat, saliva and/or skunk juice.

– I am feeling quite well, thank you (better, in any case, than last week)


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