Wherefore Art Thou Georgy?

I am always gratified, tickled, stoked, thrilled, moved and pleased to find myself noticed by others. Not on the street, mind you: few know me there. But in this web of ours – this World Wide Web – I do receive the occasional, usually passing, reference. Some sweet souls have had the decency to post links to my pages. Others send me e-mails, or leave strange messages on this blog. A blossom of blessings upon you all: even the shy ones like a bit of attention every now and again (and god knows I need it).

In light of all this, I suppose I shouldn’t raise objections to any recognition I receive. Recognition is enough on its own, no? One mustn’t be seen to be ungrateful. On the other hand, I’m rather fond of this thing they called ‘truth’ (you may have heard of it). Call me a stickler for facts, but I can’t seen any point of going into battle without accuracy as my shield. Let us be correct in all we do! Or, failing that, as correct as we can be in the circumstances! Amen, amen, amen.

In which spirit, may I take this opportunity to quietly remind all my dutiful readers, both far and wide, of one simple fact. My name is Georgy. Not, as some will insist on having it, Gregory – nor, as others have suggested, George. Georgy.

Thank you – and good morning.


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