You say Klofferson, I say Stofferson

To all those who wrote in following the previous post (my wife included) I offer this reply. I opened by saying that Henrik Stofferson was the ‘disputed master of the short-short story’. Was this a grievous error? Did I mean to say, you all asked, Jens Klofferson? Klofferson, Stofferson, Stofferson, Klofferson. It’s easy to get muddled.

Nevertheless, let’s straighten out a few facts. First up, we must remember that both Klofferson and Stofferson wrote short-short stories. To say that Stofferson was a master of the form, therefore, is – whilst open to debate – a perfectly pertinent point. Note that I wrote ‘disputed master’, after all.

As for Klofferson; well, I am aware that, in most people’s opinion, his prowess on the field on which we speak is, generally speaking, very well known. I am equally aware that he, more than Stofferson, is the name to which we turn when we speak of ‘masters’. Stofferson may have given his name to a prize (the aforementioned Henrik Stofferson Award for an Autobiography of No More than Five Sentences”) but Klofferson has won all the plaudits there are to win.

In the name of gracious honesty, I am also faintly aware that, though I maintain it fair to call Stofferson a ‘disputed master’, I may have confused him, at one point or another, for his almost-name-sake. This, no doubt, is because I had cause to mention Stofferson one post previously. Nevertheless, it was an error. It was Klofferson and not Stofferson that made me think of Jupczek. Tomorrow, maybe, I will reveal why…


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