Sad Professor

Speaking of Stofferson, disputed master of the short-short-story, I am reminded of the news that Koira Jupczek, mistress of the dark-dark-novel, has a book coming out this year. This truth is twisted: the book in question actually appeared four years ago, but the transition from Czech to English (otherwise known as a translation) has taken some time.

But fear ye not: Sad Professor, the ‘tragedy of a man whose cheap anxieties pushed him over the edge’ is definitely on its way, all pretty and Englishified. And, having read the novel in the original language, let me be amongst the first to say that fans of Jupczek’s masterpiece, Death Charts, will not be overly disappointed. Sad Professor is crammed with cliches, granted – but it’s also tremendously good, sinister, fun. In Professor Schulz, the eponymous academic, Jupczek has created a truly memorable character: a worthy addition to that grand old tradition of the ‘lovable idiot’.

Needless to say, there will be more on this later.


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