Cobra Roasting (Answer 6/9)

Question: Which humanity-hating Russian scribbler is said to have celebrated the publication of his second misery-drenched novel by roasting a cobra and sharing a bath of boiled skunk juice with a young pot-bellied pig?

Answer: It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that the author in question is Pyetr Turgidovsky. It may surprise some, however, to hear that he denies the accusation. ‘Hate the world I do,’ he says, ‘but I’m not a Satanist. I have some taste’. One presumes he refers to the pot-bellied pig. The bit about roasting the cobra he accepts without any fuss, stating with pride that it was ‘the most detestable thing that has ever passed my lips’. Obviously he didn’t smear it with apple sauce first (which, as everybody knows, is a roasted cobra’s best friend).

For those who missed my thoughts on Turgidovsky’s second novel, you may find them here.


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