Pint of Von Effen, Please (Answer 1/9)

Question: Which German poet, nicknamed ‘The Flake’ at school, managed a mildly successful brewery in Western Cologne before publishing his first work, Ballads of Mud, Silt and Dust in 1926?

Answer: Ludwig von Effen, of course. Undisputed king of the greatest poet/worst translation ratio, I don’t think I’ve ever read an even vaguely competent translation of a von Effen poem (this includes Lou Ratzinger’s 2002 attempt, The Collected Works of Ludwig von Effen, the majority of which is poor – the exceptions being those which are, I think it’s fair to say, shiveringly bad). Although a couple of Cologne based breweries still sell ‘Von Effen’ beer, the poet no longer has any connections with the industry. Indeed, he has publicly disclaimed at least one of the beers in question, complaining that it tasted of ‘donkey wee’. I can vouch for his word.

Congratulations to Caspar N for getting this one. A large black cross for Heidi Kohlenberg for erroneously supposing that it was Aaron Schlinker. Everybody knows he was a weaver. Honestly, Heidi…


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