oh brszny!

Last night at The Crippled Bee, conversation turned – once more – to the subject of Brszny Derydaripov.

Few joined me in his defence, whilst the prosecution party was overwhelmed by cohorts. He is, I surmise, the type of poet that ‘gets people going’. Or else I am really am mad.

No, but I stand by my man. Brszny is not the idiotic prancer people think he is. So what if he indulges in a guilty rhyme or two? There is method to his silliness. Even his loosest spoofs contain a kernel of purest profundity.

‘Oh Georgy, come off it!’ (to quote a close friend) ‘How can you possibly defend the man who wrote this?’ A fair point, perhaps. After all, the poem in question does contain some of Brszny’s less – how shall I put it? – ‘obviously glorious’ moments. ‘A haven from the diaper stink’ would appear to be a case in point, so too the allusions to ‘sweetie-pies’, ‘foul plots’ and the criminally cockney ‘ain’t’. On the other hand, I am inclined to remind readers that Derydaripov is, primarily, a satirical force; a keen collector of language, who selects words with deliberate care and uses them, despite their reputation, to make a range of subtle points. By which I mean this: there is much more to poems like this than meets the eye. Ode to the Hyperlink is not, as it may seem, a manic, brainless ramble, but a cunning attack on contemporary culture. Not Brszny at his best, maybe, but there is nothing – I repeat, nothing – to be embarrassed about here. No, no, no…


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