No Reply

It has come to my fresh January-fuelled attention that my half-hearted seasonal quiz (which starts here) has attracted less answers than I might have hoped. Plenty of readers, it seems, have been lured in by the questions, but few have taken the time to provide a reply.

What can I say to make you change your minds? Although the questions are not, to my mind, that complicated, I do appreciate that my region of enquiry can be little on the irregular side. Nonetheless, I implore anyone with a modicum of a mind to at least consider a reply. Prizes there may be for correctness*, but there are to be no punishments metered out for those in the wrong. Fear not, therefore, a mistaken answer. I will not laugh, giggle or titter in the face of any incorrectness. I will, instead, applaud your bravery. Who knows what you know?

* There are, in fact, no prizes for correctness.


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