HSQ (1/9)

The spout of exciting news is clogged with the usual gloop of Christmas-themed chaos. Either no one does anything remotely interesting at this time of the year or, for some curious reason, we aren’t permitted to hear of it, destined to fritter away our precious time on pointless fancies instead.

Speaking of which, here, as promised, is the first part of what I have elected to call my ‘Half-hearted Seasonal Quiz’. There are nine questions (one a day until Christmas Eve), the time limit is three weeks (or so) and the grand prize is obscene self-satisfaction.

We start with an easy one:

1. Which German poet, nicknamed ‘The Flake’ at school,¬†managed a mildly successful brewery in Western Cologne before publishing his first work, Ballads of Mud, Silt and Dust in 1926?

Answers in the comments. Extra points are awarded for correct use of accents.


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