The Doors are Closed

I have to strain my imagination to picture the sort of person who might not have been thrilled by every last line of my article The Doors of Pineappleception. However, after careful thought, I appreciate the fact that such a person could actually exist. Yes, I confess it: it’s isn’t beyond the realms of possibility that I, Georgy Riecke, might have wondered into the murky woods of literary tediousness. Still, it does seem a little unlikely, does it not?

In any case, for those who still care, allow me to remind you of the fact that said article has, at last, been delivered in its entirety. Which is to say: I am finished with it. No more talk of pineapples for now. It is high time I let the cow of contemporary thought out to graze on the pasture of fresh ideas. High time indeed.

I should just add, however, that, as well as featuring on this blog (in nine bite-size parts), the article has also been published, in full, over at Underneath the Bunker. Read the whole thing here.



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