Intermission (Pulped)

Tired of all these pineapple updates? Tough luck. There’s still several parts to go before normal service resumes and my patient readers (I pat your little heads) get a little closer to finding out just what happened when Johannes Speyer threw a glass of vanilla milk at the daughter of a German countess. Meanwhile, here’s a quiet reminder of the article I wrote for The View From Here – which has just been published, in paper form (remember paper?) and is available here (A belated thank you, also, to the photographer Jude Giles for providing an image of Active Reading at work. I can’t quite see what book the model on the rock is reading, but I sincerly hope that it is Speyer’s noble tome Riding the Crest of Culture).

Of course, one likes to imagine that appearing in a magazine may bring in a whole new audience to this beautiful blog of mine. I’m not entirely sure it will, but just in case this sentence is being read by some fresh-faced newcomer, allow me to extend mygreetings to you, and wish you a pleasant visit. As you may or may not have noticed, you have arrived right in the middle of what is, for me, a peculiarly long series of posts, collectively entitled ‘The Doors of Pineappleception’. Do not be put off! The article is, if I may say so myself, well worth sticking with. It starts here.

Should your attention span be a little less ambitious, however, I do encourage you to keep foraging about the blog – and over at my sister site, Underneath the Bunker, which contains several years worth of scintillating literature (not all by me, you may be relieved to hear). Contrary to popular opinion, my work is much less off-putting once you get to know it. Some people have even grown to take pleasure from it.


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