Rediscovered Doors

Speaking of pineapple juice (as I was somewhere below), you may be interested to hear that I have just recovered an old notebook, once thought to have been lost forever. Not, alas, this one, but another, more recently misplaced book, in which I had taken notes for and completed the first draft of an article I had hoped to publish at Underneath the Bunker sometime last year. The title of the article is The Doors of Pineappleception, and it concerns the findings of a vaguely dangerous cultural experiment involving one middle-aged man (also known as ‘myself’) and rather a lot of pineapple juice.

Though I always find it hard to return to projects months after the original inspiration has lost its fierce grip on my ever-wandering mind, I think you will agree that such an essay hardly deserves to languish within the pages of an old notebook. I will therefore make every attempt to dust it off, clear away a cobweb or two and make it in some way palatable to the present day reader, either here on the blog, or over at the main site.

Meanwhile, I recommend that all my readers drink pineapple juice responsibly.


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