Life in the Swamp

It causes me much regret to say so, but posts may be slightly thin on the ground for the next few weeks or so, as I find myself swamped by a not-so-heavenly host of pug-faced problems, ranging from computer crises to work-related worries.

You will recall, no doubt, that I have been working on a publication which combines, at long last, the complete writings of Yevgeny Nonik with a selection of academic essays exploring his life and work (first mentioned here). You may also recall that some poor fools had the cheek to doubt that this book would, as promised, be made available for public consumption before the end of the year (see here). One may be tempted to ask – is there, at this point in time, any fear of failure? To which, in reply, I offer a resounding ‘no!’ As things stand, the book will appear before the end of the year, though this very space may suffer as a result.

In light of this I think I ought to remind readers of the purpose of this blog. It was not designed, as some think, to replace Underneath the Bunker, but to serve as an alternative space: a place to wander whilst the other website underwent a few changes. Though I have no intention of radically altering the current set-up, the golden goo of truth oozing out of the project at present informs me that a little more time needs to be spent ensuring that the aforementioned changes are made; and a little less time spent hanging out here. Whether this will become a reality remains to be seen. In any case, don’t expect me to disappear for too long. And remember that, if I ever do, there is more than plenty to be read in the meantime, both here and at the main site.

May the treacle of culture continue to drop upon your noble faces.


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