Art / Donkey Poo

‘Some people think that artists feel more than other people. Donkey poo. Artists merely indulge in the ordinary feelings that all of us get. The only thing special about an artist is their presumption that they are special’ (Elmer Rautchberg)


2 thoughts on “Art / Donkey Poo

  1. Weather a person would consider them self an Artist or not, a person trusts they are special, and so they should.

    Personally, I think Artists are special. I guess it just depends on what you deem to be Art and what you believe makes an Artist.

    We are all guilty of indulging in our emotions.

    I disagree which donkey poo being used as a negative.

  2. Rautchberg disagrees with ‘artist’ being used as a positive. He also believes that ‘we are none of us special, except in the eyes of God (who doesn’t exist)’. I’ll let you take that one up with him.

    I agree with you in so far as donkey poo can work wonders in the right hands.

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