History and Sickness

‘History, as we know it, is no more than a series of media events. History, as we should know it, is not half so media friendly. Real history would make the media choke on their own tongues, cough up their kidneys and vomit all over their newspapers. Real history is not so much a story as a sickness.’ (Leo Barnard, History Schmystery)


4 thoughts on “History and Sickness

  1. I presume from your comment that you have read some of Barnard’s work. He is awfully keen on syphilitic noses. But then, aren’t we all? All of us real historians, that is…

  2. In this modern era of chest waxing and butt implants, ordinary people are ill-prepared to stare humpbacked human history straight in its one pearly eye, Georgy. I pity them.

  3. Pity their ignorance, but envy their smiles. Having said that, there is a certain pleasure in seeing history from the other side, as any Turgidovsky reader will know.

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