Tufted Ears

In the comments to the post below, Domino unwittingly (or perhaps quite purposefully) stumbled upon a motif from a poem by Ivan Basiuk. I refer of course to his 1968 work Now Thank We All The Gods For The Squirrel’s Tufted Ears. Unfortunately this is among the large pile of Basiuk’s work which has never been translated, but I have asked my wife to work on a line or two from the thirty-seventh (and best) stanza, from which I quote:

two flags of hair
waving in the stiff
winds, singing
independence for those
patient May-time

Putting personal loyalty to one side for the moment, I’m not at all sure that this delivers anymore than ten percent of the original text, but it will have to do for now. Trust me when I say that you can really hear the wind blowing through the tufted ears of the squirrel in the Bulgarian version.

(meanwhile, go here for more on Basiuk and the Bulgarian Farm Poets Movement)


3 thoughts on “Tufted Ears

  1. That reminds me of a line from another poem:
    ‘and then he combs
    with sinister grace,
    the hair that hangs
    about his face’

    Derydaripov, I think.

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