Art Gecko

Like an indiscriminate owl, the world of art coughs up irregular things every now and again. Never mind what multifarious tripe we humans are content to trot out; other animals seem to have just as much to offer. First there were painting chimpanzees, then elephants and now, it transpires, geckos.

Some of us wake up in the middle of the night and think how wonderful it would be if everyone could coexist in peace and harmony. Others wake up with the thought that teaching a gecko to paint would be, all things considered, a wise move. And so it came to pass. After two years of diligent training (at a level most British art schools could only dream of) Geckasso’s Geckurnica was unveiled at the Northern Indonesian Municipal Modern Arts and Crafts Centre sometime last week. It was welcomed by a crowd of forty-seven voraciously applauding humans – and eight relatively indifferent lizards.

The artist (described as light blue, with orange blotches and beady black eyes) sat calmly by, with only the merest hint of pride stamped on his scaly little face. He paints slowly, it is said, but with a ‘keen sense of form and colour’. As for the painting, it ‘reveals the true horrors of war, as only a lizard could’. I think you would all agree that this is an intriguing statement. Alas I cannot find an image through which to explore these claims further (though I will, of course, make every effort to put one up when it appears).

Personally I find this all very silly. Painting geckos? A little obscure, even for my tastes. I will, nevertheless, give the creature the benefit of the doubt for now, and take care to consider his work with an open mind when (or if) the opportunity arises.


3 thoughts on “Art Gecko

  1. Like chimps and elephants, geckos have way to much contact with human beings. You’d never see this kind of thing from a Javan Warty Pig or a Dark Ghost Shark or a Helmeted Hornbill.

  2. Well indeed. These animal artists are really puppets for frustrated human artists. Left to his own devices, a gecko would probably choose to express himself in another medium entirely.
    Meanwhile I hear the mating ritual of the Helmeted Hornbill makes the Bolshoi Ballet look like your drunk uncle dancing at a wedding.

  3. Psh. Geckasso is over-rated. Those in know have long realised that the only true lizard artist is El Gecko.

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