Postcard from Fiji

As the title hints, I have received a postcard from Fiji. The obligatory palm tree adorns the cover, its feet fondled by an expanse of white sand, licked in turn by a warm and tender sea, in which a generous gaggle of Fijian beauties  – of the human and fish variety – swim merrily.

The card reads:

Mr Editor Sir,
We have found a book on our beach. In the book we find your address. We were to send the book back to you there, instead we try to read it here. The book it is called ‘The Marmalade Jar’.
Joy from Fiji

It is not altogether clear whether the last line indicates that the card is from someone called Joy, or whether whoever the card is from wishes me joy – though earlier comments suggest that the card is from several people, thus the repeated ‘we’. As for the rest of the message…

(…More on this later)


8 thoughts on “Postcard from Fiji

  1. I envy the ragged Scottish rocks, scratched by coarse sand and slobbered over by a tempestuous icy sea. For out of suffering comes great wisdom (or so I’m told).
    On the other hand, those palm trees do sound tempting.

  2. Whenever he heard talk of a palm tree, my late uncle used to exclaim, rather loudly, ‘What has a palm tree ever done for me?’ – until one day he met a talented aboriculturalist, who gave him an answer, at length.

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