A Sertin Squeal

J-P Sertin called me this morning to complain of this post, in which I drew worthy attention to the correctness of my interview transcript.

‘You may have been right about the unnerving grin,’ he murmured, darkly: ‘but in so explaining you appear to have credited me with a squeal. What is this, Georgy – are you under the illusion that I am some sort of pig?’

‘I shelter under no such illusion,’ said I, ‘though I maintain that you did, on said occasion, emit a pig-like squeal’.

‘Huh. And can you prove this?’

‘Not absolutely.  For you see, I am not in the habit of recording phone-calls’.

‘And I admire you for that,’ said Sertin, his voice carrying little evidence of such admiration,  ‘although I sometimes wish you were. Better the truth stands tall, than we leave you to rebuild it from the crumbling bricks of your inconsistent memory’.

‘Perhaps’, I said – though I was not, in truth, entirely convinced by his argument. Nevertheless I did promise to be more cautious in the future and take care not to reveal to the world minor inaccuracies relating to the vocal inflexions of Mr J-P Sertin.

Seeing as this accusation was wound from the yarn ball of another, some of you may be wondering whether this might go on forever; whether this post will also invite a response from a disgruntled Sertin, spawning another half-apology and/or triumphant riposte. Though this is a distinct possibility, hear me when I say that I shall endeavour to ensure that any future squabbles are kept firmly out of the public domain.


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