A Double Hunger

In an attempt to ‘assuage a double hunger’, self-righteous writer Niña Ostero will be publishing her seventh novel, How Dignified Is it?, on edible paper. This will allow her readers, she claims, to ‘simultaneously fulfil their eternal thirst for art and food’. Once read, a page may be ripped out and eaten immediately.

Though edible paper is probably not the best way of filling an empty stomach, the novel does top four hundred pages, so you get a little more than a snack. However, for those interested in re-reading (like myself) the idea of consuming the book so quickly presents some clear problems. Still, it’s refreshing  to see an author go so far as to publicly admit that their novel is disposable.

One is reminded, inevitably, of Tosca Calbirro, who regularly publishes his novels in similarily adventurous forms, from toilet roll to shower curtains (for a review of the former, proceed in this direction).


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